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The Wine Merchant and the Ship Owner

by Rabbi Yakov Abrahams

It has been my practice for a good number of years to make a seuda and say a word of Torah on the yahrzeit's of my late parents of blessed memory. One year my father’s yahrzeit fell out just after Rabbi Gold opened Yeshivas Rabbi Akiva and I gave the shiur at the Yeshiva. We were privileged to be honoured by the presence ofthe Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Mordechai Goldstein, zt”l.

The shiur is on a suggiah in the Gemora of a man, a wine merchant, who hires a ship from a ship owner to take a quantity of wine from a port in Israel to let us say Cyprus and the ship sinks in a storm half way. Does the wine merchant have to pay, and if he already paid can he get his money back?

For those who wish to follow, the Gemora is found in Baba Matziah:

"עט א בסוף – ת"ר השוכר את הספינה"

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