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The late Tanna Rabbi Akiva began his learning career later in life. Rabbi Gold did so as well. Raised in an assimilated suburban environment, groomed for an easy luxurious life in the business world of American society and culture, he rejected this for a search that spanned the first thirty-five years of his life. During this journey, he explored many other religions, ultimately to realize that the truth lay craddled on his doorstep.  


Rabbi Gold sought an approach which would advance his commitment to learning Torah, within the framework of a sincere devotion and adherence to a Torah way of life. He appreciated that this new journey would mean starting at the beginning. It would mean taking the same path which Rabbi Akiva had taken, thousands of years previously. 


G-d's blueprint for Creation was the Hebrew alphabet. Rabbi Gold realized the Hebrew language is the foundation of everything. Actually, it is necessary to have a working knowledge of Loshon HaKodesh, the Holy Tongue, to study Torah effectively.

This is because the Torah is written with the Holy Hebrew letters. Accordingly, Rabbi Gold set himself on the path of mastering the Hebrew language. After achieving a level of proficiency in the language, he sought to bring learning within the grasp of those, who had been deprived of Torah in their earlier years. It became his life pursuit.  

Fast forward twenty years - Rabbi Gold is an established educator who has tutored hundreds of students in Hebrew grammar. His commitment to this objective, supported by a competent team of Torah teachers, resulted in a yeshiva that flourished. It became an oasis in the wilderness, a watering hole for older students who were thirsty to learn. 

Rabbi Gold pioneered and established Yeshivas Rabbi Akiva in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem. Together with his teaching staff, he has played an instrumental role in helping those who are devoted to spiritual growth, to realize their dreams. The families and students which have passed through the yeshiva are testimony to this incredible achievement. Rabbi Gold's service to the community, has marked him as a recognized and inspiring educator.  

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