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Rabbi Weiss was born to a Holocaust survivor. His father studied to be a Cantor in Europe before the war. In 1950 he took a position in an Orthodox synagogue in Allentown Pa. forfeiting a much higher paying position in a Conservative synagogue in Dallas Texas. He dedicated much of his modest income to insure his son would receive a proper Jewish education. 


Rabbi Weiss attended high school at Yeshiva Beis Moshe in Scranton Pa. After college he immigrated immediately to Israel to continue pursuing his Torah studies that included ten years in the Mir yeshiva in Jerusalem. 


Subsequent to studying Halacha, Jewish law, under the esteemed student of Harav Eliyashiv zt"l, Harav Yaacov Webber, the Rav of the Nevei Yaacov community in Jerusalem. As Rabbi Gold, he has been a resident of the Jewish Quarter for over thirty years. He began his teaching career in the American post high school program at Yeshivat Hakotel and continued his kiruv and teaching in Netiv Aryeh until his close friend for many years, Rabbi Gold, offered him to join Yeshivas Rabbi Akiva. 


His traditional learning style coupled with a unique presentation has attracted many students. Even those with yeshiva backgrounds discover in his approach and methodology something refreshing and novel.

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