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At the age of forty, Rabbi Akiva observed that water from a stream was dripping and indenting a rock. He deduced from this a lesson, which was of life-changing consequence.  

"If a rock that is extremely hard can still be hollowed out by water, certainly Torah, a life force like water, can surely hollow a soft heart."

With this insight he enrolled in Yeshiva to become one of the greatest scholars and teachers of our nation."


Yeshivas Rabbi Akiva is ideally located in the heart of the Jewish Quarter, the Old City of Jerusalem. The presence of the nearby Kotel, the site at which the Beis Hamikdash stood in all its glory over 2,000 years ago, adds to the vibrant atmosphere which prevails.


The yeshiva caters to Anglo-Saxons. The establishment has been blessed over the last ten-years, to forge engaging relationships with students from a wide spectrum of religious backgrounds. Many come from FFB families, while others do not have any background at all. Some of these students and alumni, make visits to the yeshiva's beis medrash throughout the year. This offers them the opportunity of being able to recharge their spiritual batteries and to participate in several of the yeshiva's dynamic programs. The number of students at the yeshiva oscillates between twenty to thirty, comprising of professionals: doctors, lawyers, computer specialists and businessmen. A large percentage have courageously made the decision to embrace Torah values, to build a new future for themselves and family. This has sometimes meant forfeiting the physical trimmings of a lifestyle, which they may have enjoyed in a previous career. Interestingly, their mature perspective of the world has often placed them at an advantage in their learning, relative to younger students, who may be of a less experienced ilk.


The yeshiva prides itself in the additional comforts we offer our students, in appreciation of the needs of older students. A fully equipped kitchen with all the necessary comforts is at the disposal of attendees. Additionally, there are many eateries in the vicinity, for those who wish to purchase meals.


The yeshiva boasts a large English Torah library.  These include books on Halacha, Talmud, Hashkafa, Jewish ideology and much more.


The yeshiva provides a daily Daf Yomi. Many visiting and partime students attend this shiur. A synopsis of the shiur is broadcast internationally. The Beis Medrash is also available for those needing a synagogue for a family simcha. The yeshiva sponsors guest lecturers and is the annual host for the Chofetz Chaim foundation presentation for Tisha B'av. The ability to subscribe to a Kaddish recitation program is also available.  Accordingly, the yeshiva will say Kadish for those who wish to use this facility.

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