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A Shot of Torah

Announcing Rabbi Wagensberg Book Release

We at Yeshivas Rebbi Akivah are happy to announce the recent publication of Rabbi Wagensberg's new book, "A Shot of Torah".

As many of you know, Rabbi Wagensberg is a regular lecturer at our Yeshiva. His talks are lively and well attended.

Those of you who have heard Rabbi Wagensberg's classes know that they are inspirational, motivational, and that they are filled with lots of content.

Rabbi Wagensberg's new book contains the condensed versions of those classes.

This two volume set is on the Parsha of the week and holidays.

Each Parsha has four divrei Torah. In this way, you can share one dvar Torah at every meal, including Melaveh Malka.

The divrei Torah are deep, fun, and meaningful. They will encourage lively Torah conversations at your meals.

This set is now available on Amazon. It makes for a great gift!

Thank you Rabbi Wagensberg. May you continue your Avodas Hakodesh in health, happiness, and Nachas.

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