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Can We Rely on Miracles?

Yesterday we discussed the anti-climactic aspect of ראש השנה. The ספרדים say סליחות the whole month and the אשכנזים say it for as much as ten days before. We come to ראש השנה and we are celebrating, feasting so much so that the מנהג was to fast ערב ראש השנה because it is prohibited to fast on ראש השנה because it is a יום טוב. There are a few allusions to the judgment aspect during our meals. We do not eat nuts. The פוסקים bring down the main reason is that they produce mucus which could interfere with our prayers. However, the גמטריה of nuts is חטא sin so we avoid them. We eat the different kinds of foods that remind us that it is a day of judgment. Most of our prayers are at that time is that Hashem should destroy our enemies. Most confusing is that the טור plays down the whole experience by saying we are certain that Hashem will make a miracle for us so we actually celebrate rather than suffer anxiety. This contradicts our fundamental Torah השקפה that we cannot rely on miracles.

Today we continue with something even more mind boggling. If we delve into the parsha in the Torah dealing with holidays there is no mention of ראש השנה being a day of judgment. The only מצוה of the day is to blow the שופר. The רמב"ם absolutely keys on that. He says the מצוה of blowing the שופר is a גזירת הכתוב.

On the פשט level he sees no apparent reason for this מצוה. He claims that there may be an allusion to a day of judgment based on a verse in the Prophets. Think about it most of the year business as usual. We are cognizant that we are being judged. Even during this awesome period Hashem does not want to burden us with His being King. If we are going to get involved with this at all, it is going to be a holiday. Those that want to be a part of this Hashem כביכול rejoices. It is ultimately the חכמים that revealed to us the secret. They asked themselves why blow the שופר. What is its significance? They realized coronation. So they committed us to doing it in style. It is like ברכת המזון Hashem asked us to say one prayer over our food and we have a מצוה to say 100 blessings daily.

Where there is love, true love of Hashem, then the dimension and scope of our expression of that love, desire for connection and devotion soars.

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