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Rav Yehuda Singer Z"L

To all our Friends of Yeshivas Rabbi Akiva:

With a profound sadness, I am relaying the passing of a founding father, student and loyal supporter of Yeshivas Rabbi Akiva.

Rav Yehuda passed on to the next world early on the morning of the 10th of Shevat/ February 5.

He was a member of our Habura in the early days of Birkas HaTorah and enthusiastically moved on with us when we began Yeshivas Rabbi Akiva.

Rav Yehuda loves life, loved learning, and just being in his presence was always uplifting and inspirational. He made a person feel good about himself and exemplified in so many ways, the model of a Jew who had worked on himself to do the will of Hashem.

His absence from our world leaves us with an emptiness that cannot be refilled and his memory should continue to be a source of inspiration and comfort.

Yehuda Singer we will miss you.

The Rabbi Akiva family

Rabbi Shalom Gold

He will be buried today February 5, 2020 at 3 PM on Har Hamanuchos.

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